Where in the World?

Here you can view selected photos from my galleries in a whole different context. Images that have been "geo-tagged" with GPS coordinates can be viewed on a satellite-image map at their exact location on the planet!

Each marker displayed on the map corresponds to the geographical location of a specific photo. Clicking on a marker will display a thumbnail of the corresponding photo (clicking on the thumbnail will open the larger image from my gallery in a separate window.)

Using the controls on the left side of the map-window, zoom in for a closer look. In most cases, the satellite image is of such high resolution that you will easily be able to see the subject of the photograph on the map. The map images with less resolution will still give you a sense of context as to where a particular photo was captured.

Depending on the subject-matter of the photograph, a marker is placed on the map at either the point from
which the photo was captured (Where the camera was), or the point at which the subject of the photo itself is located (where the subject is). So as to differentiate between the two, I've employed two different types of markers on my maps:

= The spot where the photo was taken from.

= The subject of the photo.

Navigating around the map is easy. Select one of the four maps using the buttons on the upper-left corner of the map-window (the window is already displaying the map of China). The controls on the center-left side of the map-window enable you to zoom in or out and move around the map. You can also just grab inside the map-window with your cursor and drag the map around to navigate.

Where in the World?